[Interview] B2ST Members Talk About Romantic Scenes in Good Luck MV


With idol groups’ activities expanding to dramas, variety shows and musicals, B2ST has also been receiving a lot of love in different fields.

It was uncommon for any idols in the 1990’s to show affectionate scenes with their Continue reading


[NEWS] 130830KBS2 Hello Counselor: Dongwoon’s afraid?

In KBS2’s latest episode of Hello Counselor with B2ST, one of the MCs asked all the members, “Do all of you enjoy watching horror movies?”

In respond to this, Dongwoon said, “Every time after i finish a horror movie, i get really afraid so i can’t fall asleep unless the lights are turned on. I really don’t dare to watch horror movies.”
Yoseob added on, “As compared to ghosts, Dongwoon’s more afraid of bugs. When we went on a holiday together, i caught a moth for him, and he was so afraid he almost cried.”

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[TWITTER] 130830 @beastdw

130826 [TWITTER] @beastdw: 이런트위터 안올리려했는데 제 전번호 쓰시는 어린팬분 제 지인한테 장난치지마시고 그냥 넘어가주세요 장난이겠지만 저한테 피해오는겁니다

130826 [TRANS] @beastdw: I didn’t want to post this on twitter, but to the young fan who is currently using my previous phone number, please don’t play pranks on my acquaintances, and just let it be. It may be a joke, but it causes me harm.

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