[INTERVIEW] CeCi March 2014 – Yong JunHyung

CeCi March 2014 – Yong JunHyung

Céci: You’ve spent a busy 2013. What do you do nowadays?
JunHyung: Recently BEAST’s Japan tour started. Also in between I’m working on our next album. All the songs were organized so just yesterday I let the members listen to it.
Céci: How did they respond?
JunHyung: They really liked it. The members always give enormous support.

Céci: Will you be in charge producing the next album?
JunHyung: I don’t know right now. ‘Shadow’ was selected as the title track against other songs through a blind competition too.
Céci: It goes through a very fair process.
JunHyung: So I was proud of it but on the other hand, I hope they will trust me and let me take charge of it now. (laughs)
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[INTERVIEW] 2013 Winter Vol.01 – BEAST

2013 Winter Vol.01 – BEAST


Q. For sure DuJun also did boxing together right?
DuJun: Nowadays I’m so busy I haven’t been able to attend practices. It’s not because I’m scared or I don’t like it, it’s because I’m busy (laughs) Continue reading



haru*hana vol. 021 December & January – BEAST


JunHyung’s question! What do I like?

GiKwang: What JunHyung likes? Can I write it? (laughs)

DuJun: (In Japanese) Money!

DongWoon: Oh, I also thought of that too!

JunHyung: (ignores) I’ll announce the answer. The answer is obviously BEAUTY!

DuJun’s question! What is the sport that I like?

DuJun: (looks at YoSeop’s answer) Hey, what is that! (laughs)

YoSeop: It’s your favorite sport. LOL [League of Legends]

All: (laughter)

DuJun: (in a loud voice to cover up) Yay~!!

GiKwang’s Question! What did I eat yesterday?

DuJun: Only I got it correct, because we two went yesterday to eat (laughs)

YoSeop: I don’t know anything about what GiKwang eats (laughs)

GiKwang: Hey, aren’t we friends!? (laughs)

HyunSeung: For the person I like, I let that person approach me first. I act just enough for the other person to know of my interest [in them]…. I’ve never confessed first before.

YoSeop: Truthfully, I tried to decline [the offer to I Live Alone] at first. Thinking of how it would be for an idol to reveal their private life, what if I would disappoint the fans. But I decided to do it because I thought the fans would like it and I would be able to get closer to the fans by coming out on TV.

YoSeop: A person who will love my parents as much as I love them and who can cook well. Also I like a person who has her own opinions/thoughts.

GiKwang: I’m currently making songs so if it is possible I hope to add my song to BEAST’s next album. Because I would want the members to sing happily, I need to do my best continuously.

JunHyung: I sometimes cook too, like kimchi friend rice or pasta. What I look to my future wife? I have a lot of flaws so I would like a women who would be able to fix those parts and be understanding.


Original Japanese magazine copy: Buuu

Translation from Japanese to Korean: 콩콩XD / @KongKongXD

Translation from Korean to English by “My DREAM Boys (dream1016.tistory.com)” or @dreamboys1016 ;

[INTERVIEW] 140408 Vixx’s Leo mentions Yoseob in an interview

[INTERVIEW] 140408 Vixx’s Leo mentions Yoseob in an interview

Q. Yang Yoseob is a sunbae in musicals but because he’s also from an idol group there must have been a feeling of closeness.

Leo. Yang Yoseob sunbaenim is also my high school sunbaenim so there was a feeling of closeness, connection at the beginning. Also when you watch him practice he is very good. I could understand why he’s been casted as the main character for musicals and why people keep searching out for him. He sings with genuine feelings, and it’s very clean to listen to. Even when you see him do run-throughs you are able to immerse into the production so it’s like watch a real musical performance and I’m impressed every time.

credit: B2STIZEN