[Interview] B2ST Members Talk About Romantic Scenes in Good Luck MV


With idol groups’ activities expanding to dramas, variety shows and musicals, B2ST has also been receiving a lot of love in different fields.

It was uncommon for any idols in the 1990’s to show affectionate scenes with their Continue reading


BEAST To Host Solo Concert “BEAUTIFUL SHOW 2014”

The idol group BEAST will be performing in front of 20,000 fans at Ilsan on August 15 and 16 for their upcoming solo concert, “BEAUTIFUL SHOW 2014.”


The boys’ performance is highly anticipated by fans as BEAST has been sweeping the music charts as of late with the single for their new album, titled “Good Luck.” Continue reading

BEAST Set of “Good Luck” For Black Album Jacket Photo Shoot

Earlier, on June 18, the members of BEAST released a making of video for the album jacket photo shoot of the white version of their latest sixth mini album, “Good Luck.” On June 19, through a video released on Cube Entertainment’s official YouTube channel, the group takes you behind the scenes once again, but this time, for the black version.
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