Just Before Shock


너밖에 모르던 나의 이두눈엔
너의 하얗던 웃음
나를부르던 너의 모습만

다시 생각이나고
난 눈물이 나고
다시 또너를 찾아 헤매

Baby Baby Please (Please)
돌아서서 한번만
딱한번만 날한번만
웃으며 날바라바줘


아직 지키지 못한 약속이 너무 많은데


이별을 나를 물어뜯고 상처만 남겨놔
Oh God



Nuhbakae moleudun na-ae eedoonoonaen
Nuh-ae hayadun wooseum
nahleulbuleudun nuh-ae moseubman

Dahsih sangakeenahgo
Nan noonmoolee nahgo
Dahsih ddonuh-leul chajah haemae

Baby Baby Please (Please)
Dongah suhsuh hanbunman
ddakhanbunman nalhanbunman
wooseumyuh nalbahlahbahjoh


Ahjihk jikeeji mohthan yaksokyi nuhmoo mahneundeh

Eehbyuleul nahleul mooluhddeulgoh sangchuhman namgyuhnah
Oh God



My very eyes that only had you in sight
Your brilliant smile
Your appearance when you called my name
(I remember it)

I remember them again
Tears start to fall
Again I wander in search for you

Baby baby please
Turn around once more
Just once more
For me, once more
Look at me while smiling

There are still promises yet to be fulfilled


This parting has left nothing but biting wounds behind
Oh God

cr: 두준아수비싫어 (SOURCE); dujunseob@B2ST Risin


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