BEAST’s Official Blog/Twitter Account


❖ Beast’s related accounts (Cube Ent’s Staffs etc)

Producer Shinsadong Tiger (신사동호랭이)
Prepix Haw (프리픽스 하우신/Hawoosin)
Hong Cube (홍승성) (BOSS!)
Im Sang Hyeok (임상혁) (Music Producer)
Lee Sang Ho (이상호) (Writer/Composer)
Seo Jaewoo (서재우) (Writer/Composer)
Park Chung Min (박청민) (CUBE Director)
Choi Jinho (최진호) (Director)
Roh Hyun Tae (노현태) (Director)
Choi Kyu Sung (최규성) (Writer/Composer)
Park JaeHyun (박재현) (Director)
Park Se Hun (박세훈) (CUBE)
BJ Jang (BJ 장) (CUBE Advertisement/Kikwang’s old manager)
Lim Yongun (CUBE Manager)
Hong JinTaek (CUBE Manager)
Son Jungeun aka Bononim (Former CUBE Development Team member)
Doyoun Kim (BEAST’s Japanese teacher)

❖ BEAST’s Managers

✓ Jun Joonkun @joonkuni (EX-Manager, now 4minutes’s manager)



✓ Kim Jiyong @jiyong1212



✓ Park Yongbok @PPKA2000



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