haru*hana vol. 021 December & January – BEAST


JunHyung’s question! What do I like?

GiKwang: What JunHyung likes? Can I write it? (laughs)

DuJun: (In Japanese) Money!

DongWoon: Oh, I also thought of that too!

JunHyung: (ignores) I’ll announce the answer. The answer is obviously BEAUTY!

DuJun’s question! What is the sport that I like?

DuJun: (looks at YoSeop’s answer) Hey, what is that! (laughs)

YoSeop: It’s your favorite sport. LOL [League of Legends]

All: (laughter)

DuJun: (in a loud voice to cover up) Yay~!!

GiKwang’s Question! What did I eat yesterday?

DuJun: Only I got it correct, because we two went yesterday to eat (laughs)

YoSeop: I don’t know anything about what GiKwang eats (laughs)

GiKwang: Hey, aren’t we friends!? (laughs)

HyunSeung: For the person I like, I let that person approach me first. I act just enough for the other person to know of my interest [in them]…. I’ve never confessed first before.

YoSeop: Truthfully, I tried to decline [the offer to I Live Alone] at first. Thinking of how it would be for an idol to reveal their private life, what if I would disappoint the fans. But I decided to do it because I thought the fans would like it and I would be able to get closer to the fans by coming out on TV.

YoSeop: A person who will love my parents as much as I love them and who can cook well. Also I like a person who has her own opinions/thoughts.

GiKwang: I’m currently making songs so if it is possible I hope to add my song to BEAST’s next album. Because I would want the members to sing happily, I need to do my best continuously.

JunHyung: I sometimes cook too, like kimchi friend rice or pasta. What I look to my future wife? I have a lot of flaws so I would like a women who would be able to fix those parts and be understanding.


Original Japanese magazine copy: Buuu

Translation from Japanese to Korean: 콩콩XD / @KongKongXD

Translation from Korean to English by “My DREAM Boys (dream1016.tistory.com)” or @dreamboys1016 ;


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