[INTERVIEW] CeCi March 2014 – Yong JunHyung

CeCi March 2014 – Yong JunHyung

Céci: You’ve spent a busy 2013. What do you do nowadays?
JunHyung: Recently BEAST’s Japan tour started. Also in between I’m working on our next album. All the songs were organized so just yesterday I let the members listen to it.
Céci: How did they respond?
JunHyung: They really liked it. The members always give enormous support.

Céci: Will you be in charge producing the next album?
JunHyung: I don’t know right now. ‘Shadow’ was selected as the title track against other songs through a blind competition too.
Céci: It goes through a very fair process.
JunHyung: So I was proud of it but on the other hand, I hope they will trust me and let me take charge of it now. (laughs)

Céci: It’s a big chance but at the same time requires a lot of responsibility.
JunHyung: Of course. I also have worries on failing, but if you think too deeply about it then you can’t do anything. Everyone’s opinions were put into the decision so I try not to regret it. Especially YoSeop tells me constantly that it’s great to have someone who knows BEAST the best compose the songs. I can only do my best then.

Céci: YoSeop’s ‘Caffeine’ must be the continuation of the faith.
JunHyung: When I first took ‘Caffeine’ for YoSeop’s solo promotion, the company wasn’t sure about it in the beginning. At that time I said this: I don’t know how to take charge of it but I’ll take responsibility if it fails so just trust me and go with it. YoSeop was also with me at that place.
Céci: Did YoSeop trust his friend?
JunHyung: YoSeop is one of the people who support my music the most. At anytime he will come running to my studio and record the guide. At first I would ask, “I’m sorry but could you do the guide?” but now it became, “You have something to do so come quickly.” (laughs) Even when time pass and we can’t be a group, I still want to give my song to YoSeop. I believe my song will be sung the best in the world by him.

Céci: But there must be times when the members’ opinions don’t match.
JunHyung: Of course you can’t be unanimous. If the majority agrees then we go with that song or we try to balance our opinions again. Music, concept, or even with the food menu we always decide by the majority. Other than DongWoon who is the youngest, everyone else are of the same age so it’s the most comfortable.

Céci: What’s the good thing about having the five of you guys friends?
JunHyung: Just like that it’s good because we’re friends. However, we sometimes need a person who can take charge of us strongly. Even if it hurts someone’s feelings there are times when we have to tell them, but because we’re friends we hesitate to say it. When our leader DuJun has a hard time saying those words, I go forward and say it. I’m the type who will say anything if I have to.

Céci: With that personality I think you will be straightforward in your love confessions.
JunHyung: When my love grows, I can’t control it. My work efficiency drops and I always think negatively even when I know I should fix that mind set but it’s not easy. I think the other person knows my heart even before I tell them. If I like someone, it’s easily shown. (laughs)

Céci: There’s a lyric I like from ‘Shadow’. Even if you’re…
JunHyung: Flames I will run into you.
Céci: Yes. (laughs) It seems like a phrase that summarizes the last album.
JunHyung: I wrote the lyric after seeing a moth fly towards a fire/light. Even when it would burn to death when it gets close to the light. The album title was also ‘How to Love, Hard to Love’. I wrote down honestly on what I thought about love and the attitude towards love.

Céci: Lyrics are normally written through experience, but weren’t you burdened in experimenting with the theme of love as an idol (artist)? Especially with the boundaries set up by fans.
JunHyung: It’s not that I didn’t think about that part, but I don’t want to write a story without authenticity. You’re free to interpret and add meanings to them but I hope they’ll listen and agree to it than think too deeply about it. Because the context could be my story or everyone’s.

Céci: The JunHyung I observed today seems to have the typical manly personality. So I heard rumors that you are very popular.
JunHyung: Unfortunately I haven’t been feeling it. (laughs) Unintentionally, it seems that there are many who are scared of me. When I don’t have any emotions on my face I receive questions asking me if I’m angry. I’m also shy. After I become friends with others I hear, “I didn’t know you were this personality” often. Well anyways, I wish I was popular. (laughs)

Céci: Today’s magazine concept was ‘An afternoon on White Day’. Do you have a white day that you remember?
JunHyung: I really don’t have any. Rather than taking care on special occasions, I take care normally. When I want to, often if I can.

Céci: I thought you would be stoic, but you were a man who is detailed.
JunHyung: Rather than stoic, I’m more silent. Even if we don’t do anything special, I’m happy just by the fact that we’re spending the time together. I hope those things would match.

Céci: What is the specific type that will match with Yong JunHyung well?
JunHyung: A person who is only nice to me? (laughs) I wish she’s chic/haughty to others.
Céci: You feel a lot of jealousy.
JunHyung: I have too much. I don’t like that part of myself but I can’t help it. But I’ve never had arguments because of that. I’m the type that normally says sorry and keep it inside. The fighting is hard in the beginning, but once you start fighting more troubles will follow. That’s why I block the fight from the start.
Céci: The leftover frustration could be released through songs.
JunHyung: Writing songs or pouring in alcohol, etc. I resolve those feelings by myself then and then.

Céci: The talk of alcohol came up so I ask, I heard that you like drinking.
JunHyung: Just the day before yesterday I had a drink with HeeChul-hyung. We live in the same apartment so he’s my neighborhood hyung as well as my neighbor.
Céci: What’s your limit?
JunHyung: 3~4 bottles of soju (Korean alcohol)? I don’t like being alone so someone has to be by my side at all times. I also feel a lot of loneliness.

Céci: I heard someone say that you write songs better after drinking.
JunHyung: It’s random. When songs don’t come out, I just play around freely for 2~3 days. I like driving so I drive to various places without a specific location by myself with the music turned on. After then, I can easily write the songs.

Céci: While writing songs, where do you get your inspirations?
JunHyung: After I watch a movie, the aftereffect is strong. The most memorable scenes and lines continuously pop up in my mind. I reinterpret it in my own way and combine it with my own experiences to develop a story I haven’t thought about before.

Céci: And the stories would be your solo album.
JunHyung: There are a lot of songs that have been made. When I have the time, I always go to the studio. Songs that weren’t perfect or weren’t added to BEAST’s album, songs that I really wanted to do were added to the [solo] album. I’ve always wanted to produce my own album and I finally made my wish come true.

Céci: Other than composing songs, what do you normally do?
JunHyung: Not often but I go fishing. I like it because it makes me calm. Sometimes i go bowling. I’m bowling friends with the actress Park ShinHye.

Céci: It’s been 6 years since debut. Even with your fans you guys must have a strong relationship like a friend.

JunHyung: The fans are really strong. Especially Yong JunHyung’s fans were made to gain a stronger heart after an event. (laughs) But there are fans who continuously support me and tell that they are always on my side in whatever I do, so I am thankful and confident. Truthfully, I was worried while releasing my solo album. I was worried if many people would come cheer for me, but for each music shows many of the fans gave me strength. That’s when I realized for sure. They [fans] are more incredible than us.

Céci: You turned 26 this year. Are you satisfied in your 20s?
JunHyung: On my arm I have a tattoo that says “If I die tomorrow, I would never regret”. I have a principle to live without regret even if I die tomorrow so even if do something I regret, I try not to regret it.

Céci: Is there something you want to fulfill in your 20s?
JunHyung: Just like how I’ve been doing till now, I want to slowly stack it. I don’t want to achieve something big in one attempt and I know that it’s something hard too. I hope to gain back what I’ve been stacking up. Honor, money or anything else, I don’t want to be greedy and ask for more than that.

Céci: How do you want the public to remember you as?
JunHyung: A person who does his music well. That’s all I need.

Céci: As a fan who liked ‘Shadow,’ can I look forward to the next album?
JunHyung: Of course. Look forward to it for sure.


SCAN/SOURCE of interview: @diahnaya 디아나 (http://blog.naver.com/diahna/30185407543)

Translation by “my DREAM boys (dream1016.tistory.com)” or @dreamboys1016 ;


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