[interview] CeCi June 2014 – BEAST


CéCi June 2014 – BEAST Interview

Q. Congratulations on your comeback. It would be nice if you can tell us about the new album so those who are waiting for it will get excited.
DuJun: This 6th mini album is, ah, it’s already the sixth. (laughs) It’s full of BEAST’s manly charms.

JunHyung: We wanted to go back to the beginning. To the days when we were crazily out of breath on stage. We also missed it.
YoSeop: Even though we want to tell you more in detail, we’re afraid spoilers would become a problem. (laughs)
GiKwang: Compared to previous albums, there’s going to be a different and drastic change for sure. That’s why it’s still a secret.
DongWoon: For the newness, we would discuss about it often through our group messenger.
HyunSeung: Either way it’s an album like BEAST. If there is anything different than before, I would say we aged with more depth.

Q. With the experience from having debuted for 6 years, you guys started the entertainment MBC Every1 ‘SHOWTIME – Burning the BEAST’.
YoSeop: The good image of BEAST we want to show through the program isn’t something grand or fancy. The six of us leading a program in 4 years, having a fun time with each other, we want this to be a gift for the fans. That’s why the programs are filled fully with the fans’ ideas.

Q. For example?
YoSeop: Before the program started we wrote a list of things we wanted to do till now and through that the staffs also looked at the fans’ small requests and created the episodes. Last episode we went to JunHyung’s house and yesterday we went to the zoo. We filmed while wearing the animal headbands the fans photo-shopped our photos with and it was fun.

Q. It’s a thankful program that satisfies the fans’ fantasies.
YoSeop: Yes. It’ll also show us working on the album.
DongWoon: It’s true that we were afraid so we were hesitant about it in the beginning. Because we wondered if we would be able to show ourselves overflowing with energy through the busy schedules. We eventually started it for the fans and seeing them enjoy it makes us feel good. It’s to the point that we feel sorry for not starting it earlier. Nowadays everyone looks forward to the filming day. Personally it’s really fun being with the hyungs.
GiKwang: It’s good because we can have fun with each other in a comfortable atmosphere. Also we can experience new missions through the reality [program].
HyunSeung: Truthfully it’s hard to film for an entertainment program but I’m glad the members are here.
DuJun: We promised to do as usual.
JunHyung: That’s why the mood is a chaos. Because everyone is laughing and talking.

Q. Leader Yoon DuJun described the rising rookies and another advantage of BEAST as ‘over-mature’. Do you all agree with it?
YoSeop: I haven’t really felt it but I guess we would have matured during the 6 years? Did we? It would be great if we did. (laughs)
GiKwang: Of course we will have a different composure/relaxation compared to the practiced rookies.
HyunSeung: For sure and we’re definitely used/adjusted to the stage.
JunHyung: I guess because we can do it with peace at heart, I think the word ‘over-matured’ fits well because of the composure and experiences.

Q. Wouldn’t there be other words other than ‘over-matured’?
YoSeop: Friendship. The expression team work is also good but I want to say it’s friendship. There are emotions that are deeper than being in the same team or being members.
JunHyung: And I think it’s good because we haven’t matured [fully] yet. I think that’s how you can continue to work with music.
HyunSeung: Hm… and also that our talks have become more real?

Q. I won’t ask in what meaning you meant real. From debut till now, what do you think is different in the way you guys see each other?
GiKwang: DuJun is still reliable and trustworthy as a leader. HyunSeung is doing really well in creating his own style and image. YoSeop who is always sincere and has a strong sense of responsibility is awesome as a person. JunHyung has matured artistically as he fills himself with musical greed. And the youngest DongWoon has become more witty recently. Before he would have a passive attitude without saying anything behind the hyungs but now he leads the ment and freely speaks out.
YoSeop: To hold the position as leader among friends might be hard but DuJun is doing well in playing the role as the neutral arbitrator. He has the trust like the announcer Son SukHee from ‘100 minute Debate’. JunHyung had a strong passion for music since he was a trainee. Seeing his unchanging attitude in pondering about creating the composition is cool. HyunSeung would feel pressured as he recently joined a musical late compared to others, but he doesn’t show it. With GiKwang these two had been crazy about practicing so even now they live in the practice rooms. Both of them are amazing.
HyunSeung: As YoSeop who was like a baby started boxing, his baby fat disappeared so I think only his mood has changed. DongWoon is especially funny nowadays. He’s doing great.
DuJun: People who see us for the first time think ‘They are like high school kids’ and feel a freshness. There’s no member who changed as a person. All of them are still kind and live their best.
DongWoon: Rather than having changed, all of us look and find continuously on what we want to do, learn it, and yearn for it. Even if time changed, there’s no one who lets go of himself.

─ Yoon DuJun

Q. We can’t prevent ourselves from asking about your individual activities. DuJun gained position as an actor through tvN’s which had recently ended. Personally the lines ‘Nuna you’re the worst. You can just say that one phrase I’m sorry’ left a deep impression. The yearning and resentment, and also the sense of betrayal were all combined in this scene and it was an acting that even Director Park JunHwa complimented on.
DuJun: It’s part of small number of scenes that shows Yoon DuJun’s serious side in the drama, but I don’t know how many times I practiced for that short amount of seriousness. If you watched it with deep impressions, I’m thankful that the effort put into wasn’t a waste.

Q. Director Park JunHwa complimented you saying that you’re ‘a smart person who understands and puts into practice when I tell him one thing’. They say even a compliment makes the whale dance, but what about you?
DuJun: During the filming I interpret the lines through the situation rather than putting the focus on me. I acted while keeping in mind that I had to gain sympathy/understanding from the viewers. If they saw it positively, then I am thankful for it. I also like to receive compliments. Receiving the carrot and getting whipped alternatively is an important element in improving. But I think you need to divide and know if the carrot is a nutritional carrot or a rotten carrot, if it’s a whip that will be my medicine or only make wounds on me.

Q. Wow, you are the leader.
DuJun: Compared to the past, I’ve been receiving better treatments and I hear good words wherever I go. I can’t be drunk on that though. I think it’s a personal wisdom if you listen to those words selectively. Also, you can become arrogant if you’re too aware of it, so it’s important to keep that balance but it’s hard.

─ Jang HyunSeung

Q. HyungSeung is performing in the musical right now but, isn’t it hard with the comeback preparation?
HyunSeung: It’s my second work after . It’s a stage in 2 years so it’s really fun. The work itself is also fun.

Q. I watched the last season with my parents and I was very surprised.
HyunSeung: Yes, it’s a bit sexual. (laughs)

Q. Thinking about it, wasn’t Trouble Maker’s last theme the story of Bonnie & Clyde? It matches well.
HyunSeung: Revealing it here, the first theme for the title track ‘Now’ MV was of a 007 agent and a gangster’s love. It was a story where the spy fell in love but at the end it became Bonnie & Clyde. It was a 6 minute music video but during the process of making a ‘clean’ MV for the review, there were a lot of scenes that were cut off so it was sad. That’s why when you watch it, there may be parts where it skips some story lines.

Q. Wasn’t it unfortunate as an artist?
HyunSeung: But you can’t do anything about it. I didn’t have the heart to forcefully rebel against it too. In Korea they go through the reviews and we couldn’t ignore the fact that teenagers would watch it.

Q. There aren’t a lot of male-female duet that appeals their sexy charms in Korea. Among them I think that Trouble Maker is a matchless existence.
HyunSeung: More than saying matchless I think it’s the only one. It’s unique and fantastic. If another album is released, then I want to push the quality up, up, up more.

Q. You seem to have a perfectionist side.
HyunSeung: It’s because my name is represented and it’s my work. If it was a solo promotion then I think it would be more than this. Because in a group you need to go through the process of balancing with each other. If there is a focus on one person, then it’s hard for everyone.

─ Yang YoSeop

Q. If there’s an idol sports championship on the affection for fans, I feel like YoSeop will win the gold medal.
YoSeop: I just like the fans. That’s why I just want to do something more for them. For example, if I see a pretty flower, I want to show it to them so I think about how to take the photo. I think it’s the mentality of wanting to give anything to the person you like. Also, the word ‘fan training’ is uncomfortable. It’s not like I’m doing it with a purpose…

Q. How is it like when you see yourself as an artist objectively?
YoSeop: It’s awkward. I wish to judge myself realistically when that word fits me well later.

Q: Why is it awkward?
YoSeop: If I show a good image as BEAST’S main vocal right now, I think it’s a success. Because the word vocalist itself feels like greed. I don’t know how this word will be used but it’s true that there is still prejudice in underestimating the idols’ skills.

Q. Are you upset or sad about it?
YoSeop: Yes, but for sure I am happy with the life I am given as an idol and I am living my life being satisfied with the opportunities given to me. It’s just that, in order to break the prejudice piece by piece, I feel like I will have to sing all my life to be recognized as a vocalist. I wish my skills that have been stacking up continuously will be completed. In that sense, I think (senior) god’s Kim TaeWoo is amazing.

─ Son DongWoon

Q. Even DongWoon’s father acknowledged it but, you’re really handsome. If there’s a gene you would thank your parents for?
DongWoon: More than the appearance, I am always thankful of the fact that I was raised well with discipline in a peaceful and happy family.

Q. If the spotlight was not on BEAST but on you as a solo, in what way would you want to be shown as?
DongWoon: I haven’t said it out loud before but, I’ve thought in detail many times on which composer I would like to receive a song from.

Q. Which composer?
DongWoon: It’s (senior) Kim DongRyool who I really like and look up to. When I listen to songs, I’m curious about which feelings the original music composer made the song with. Because I regard the deliverance of emotion [in a song] importantly, the only non-lyrical song I listen to is classic and I don’t like the club’s rhythm [music] because it doesn’t have any lyrics. Senior Kim DongRyool’s songs are very deep (filled with) in emotions. I’m always amazed by listening to the songs he wrote at my age. Senior Yoon JongShin’s songs are always good even though I listen to them numerous times. I’m quite sensitive so there has been some songs that made me cry. Not long ago I was listening to senior Yiruma’s music work ‘Passing By’ and when the cello joined the piano accompaniment I cried with it too. It felt like the cello was also crying. Thinking about it, that music doesn’t have lyrics too. (laughs)

Q. In the last interview you revealed your thirst for skills. Did you satisfy your thirst a bit?

DongWoon: Every time I practice singing by myself, I record it with my iPad. Even nowadays I sometimes listen to the songs I practiced 12 years ago and study them. I’ve posted this on my SNS before, that I didn’t decide on my limit so I always feel hungry for skills. If I relieve it then something new to relieve appears. Should I say it’s like the hungriness to eat a variety of things?

Q. As the youngest, do you have anything you want to say to the hyungs?

DongWoon: It’s a pity when we have someone get injured at times. I wish they will take care of their body more. If one of them gets hurt and can’t get on stage together with us, what fun will it be. We have to promote for a long time.

─ Lee GiKwang

Q. GiKwang is appearing on KBS ‘Cool Kiz on the Block – Football’ with DuJun. It’s a luxurious casting with football player Lee YoungPyo also making an appearance.

GiKwang: I was excited. I really didn’t know about it. I was originally his fan but it was such an honor in the fact that I would be able to run and play football with the legendary person.

Q. How was it when you actually met him?
GiKwang: The senior’s [Lee YoungPyo] nickname is ‘Chorong (shining brightly)’. His eyes are always shining brightly. He responds well with humor to Kang HoDong hyungnim’s jokes. He’s surprisingly really funny. Also he’s very humane and an amazing person with the smell of a person. These days I am happy because I’m going to play football, not film for an entertainment program.

Q. You’re doing acting, composing, and producing. Idol is the way everyone wants but it’s also a road that’s not easy to take.

GiKwang: The awareness of being a singer and my skills’ gap hasn’t been solved yet. It’s a homework that I have to solve continuously. And also it was because of BEAST that I was able to let my face be known this much. That’s why I have a stronger thought that I can’t let others be disappointed in me anymore. I have to do my best. I think that in any work, there are opportunities. I have to keep my skills clean and supplement my weaknesses for that moment. If the opportunity comes, then I have in mind to grab hold of it tightly.

─ Yong JunHyung

Q. Since debut, JunHyung was noticed for his lyrics and composing skills. You would have felt pressures that nobody knows about, right?
JunHyung: It’s a song that anyone can create but a mind like ‘I can write songs, I made this song’ is not cool. It’s nothing grand. It’s something that anyone can do, it’s just that it’s hard to create a good one. I thought that if I went with the flow as I am, there will be a time when people will recognize me. That’s swagger.

Q. Like that swagger now people know it. That your songs are good.

JunHyung: I have a strong heart to be recognized with my music. I don’t need anything else but only that one phrase of ‘the song was good’ will tell me that I have succeeded.

Q. Personally I liked YoSeop’s last solo title track ‘Caffeine’.

JunHyung: When I make music I listen to it a lot of times. I’ve listened to them numerous times so it might make me feel sick of the songs but I still regularly listen to ‘Caffeine’.

Q. There needs to be an input to have an output. What is your input?
JunHyung: In the case of ‘Caffeine,’ it’s a song that was connected after watching . No matter what happens, I always make the time to watch 2 movies every day. Among the medium in experiencing emotions indirectly, a movie’s amplitude is the biggest. Watching all genres, sometimes I watch movies I’ve watched before. After work I go home, lie down on the couch sofa and watch a movie, even if I have to fall asleep.

Q. Will there be a music Yong JunHyung would personally want to create in the future?
JunHyung: I want to fill it by restraining and without superfluousness. It’s harder to create a song that others will feel like it’s simple. I started music because it was fun like a game. Sometimes I remember the stress I had and release it in the songs. During the time I rest, I listen to hundreds, thousands of kick, snare, percussion sounds and play with it. That’s why I can work faster on songs the next time. I think I’ll continue to work on music because I can’t forget the feeling of joy when I finish a song. It’s something I do because I really like it.

Q. If you compare YoSeop’s dog ‘Yanggaeng’ and JunHyung’s ‘Hyungnim’?

JunHyung: I guess the dogs also follow their owner. Yanggaeng is cute but Hyungnim is always lying down. He doesn’t say hi when the owner comes. I don’t know why he’s acts so cool/chill.

Q. Last of all, is there anything you guys look for in each other to make a more perfect BEAST?

JunHyung: I wish they’ll not get stressed and be at ease to make an enjoyable BEAST. That’s how we can go on for a long time.

GiKwang: Above all, I hope we’ll stay like this, unchanging, for a long time. It’s the hardest to not change but I feel like we can do it.

DongWoon: For me, BEAST is like a strong castle. Even when the stone walls break from this and that, we can fix it. I hope we’ll all relax.

YoSeop: I hope BEAST will be clean. Fancy and exciting appearances are good but, to keep pure and cherish each other like now.

HyunSeung: I don’t ask for a lot too. It’ll be enough if we stay like this.

DuJun: I agree. Because we all know well how it’s hard to keep dancing and singing on stage while gaining love from the people at the same time.


SOURCE of interview: CeCi magzine

Translation by “my DREAM boys (dream1016.tistory.com)” or @dreamboys1016 ;


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