[INTERVIEW] Asiana Entertainment Sept 2014 – BEAST

Asiana Entertainment Magazine September 2014 – BEAST Interview



The image of an ‘idol artist’ has started to change.

Their skills has increased dramatically as they struggle to survive in the fierce competition among other numerous idol groups.

In this music world where it’s called the idol jungle, there is a group that has been receiving constant love.

We interview group BEAST who has warm appearances and of course has amazing singing abilities, musicality, acting skills, and other diverse talents.

Q. A while back I heard Lee GiKwang got injured while recording for a variety show. How is your condition?

Lee GiKwang: Yes. I’ve improved a lot and I’m being more considerate of my health right now so there won’t be any troubles in the future promotions. I thank everyone who worried about me.

Q. You guys sweep the music charts by ranking #1 for each album. What was the key to becoming ‘an artist that you can trust and listen to’ and what do you think is BEAST’s charms that are different to other idols?

Lee GiKwang: First of all, I think it’s because all six of us each have strong points that are noticeable. I think people like us more because each members have their own color/image.

Yoon DuJun: Well.. I think people feel comfortable and like us more because of our warm impressions, humane appearance, an easy-going personalities.

Yang YoSeop: Um… just like a neighborhood oppa?

Yong JunHyung: I think the music that many people can identify with is our charm.

Q. Other than the album promotions, you guys do a variety of other promotions in acting, variety shows, musicals, etc. Isn’t it hard to do these with the album promos?

Yang YoSeop: It’s not hard at all. We think that all these promotions are for the fans who love us. Even though it’s a bit hard, we feel so proud when the fans are happy!

Lee GiKwang: It’s hard to do anything both things at once. But being busy means that there’s a lot of places who are looking for us. Because of that, we are thankful and happily do it.

Son DongWoon: Of course there are times when it’s hard. But because our first priority is always BEAST’s promotions, we work at it by concentrating and doing our best.

Jang HyunSeung: Through the musical I was able to show a different side of me. Rather than being hard, it was a really fun and precious time.

Yong JunHyung: We’re putting in a lot of effort by thinking ‘you take the chances when you’re given the chance’.

Yoon DuJun: Even though it’s hard, we are doing our best by thinking ‘When will we show it if we don’t show it now!’

Q. The strong points of another member that you wish of?

Son DongWoon: YoSeopie hyung’s vocal ability

Yong JunHyung: YoSeop’s vocal’s talent

Lee GiKwang: YoSeop’s faithfulness/sincerity

Yoon DuJun: DongWoon’s looks, YoSeop’s small face, GiKwang’s body, HyunSeung’s shoulders, JunHyung’s personality

Yang YoSeop: DongWoon’s (sharp) nose, HyunSeung’s widely spread shoulders, DuJun’s thighs, GiKwang’s eye smile, JunHyung’s rap talent

Jang HyunSeung: Well, there’s so many that it’s hard for me to choose, haha!

Q. If you have a role model?

Jang HyunSeung: I don’t have a role model. During the time when I was a trainee, I would normally practice by thinking of a role model but I think a role model is meaningless for me now. Ah, but there is a person who is always in my heart for a different meaning (from a role model). Michael Jackson.

Lee GiKwang: Chris Brown, Usher. I wish to resemble them in their music skills/styes. They are artists I wish I can work with in the future.

Son DongWoon: WheeSung sunbaenim, Sisqó

Yoon DuJun: Shinhwa sunbaenims!

Q. Personally I was a fan of Goo DaeYoung (Yoon DuJun)’s character in . Yong JunHyung’s acting in was also impressive. Do you guys have any other plans for future acting?

Yoon DuJun: There are no plans for now. If there is a chance then I will thankfully take the part.

Yong JunHyung: If I am given the chance then I will do my best, haha!

Q. Tell us about your future plans.

Yang YoSeop: I will be appearing in the musical from August. I wish many people will come to watch it. Please look forward to Beast’s member Yang YoSeop and the Yang YoSeop on the musical stage!

Jang HyunSeung: Preparing for the next BEAST album and I will put in effort to show a more improved image.

Son DongWoon: After finishing the concert well, we’re planning to prepare for BEAST’s next album.

Yoon DuJun: We’re preparing for the new album with effort. We wish to you it to everyone as soon as possible. We will be BEAST who will always be with the fans!


SOURCE of interview: Asiana Entertainment Magazine September 2014 (http://blog.naver.com/triad512/220104117509)

Translation by “my DREAM boys (dream1016.tistory.com)” or @dreamboys1016


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