[INTERVIEW] 2013 Winter Vol.01 – BEAST

2013 Winter Vol.01 – BEAST


Q. For sure DuJun also did boxing together right?
DuJun: Nowadays I’m so busy I haven’t been able to attend practices. It’s not because I’m scared or I don’t like it, it’s because I’m busy (laughs)

GiKwang: Huh? I think YoSeop is busier than DuJun (laughs)

DuJun: He doesn’t stop talking when boxing comes up (laughs). YoSeop, while you’re at it tell them your goal in boxing!
YoSeop: Not to be hit by DuJun! To be able to avoid him when he tries to hit me (laughs).

DongWoon: I wish GiKwang hyung will upgrade on his selfie skills. GiKwang sends me a number of pictures and asks, “I’m planning to upload it on twitter. Which one do you like?” I advise him by saying, “If you edit this and that I think it’ll be good.”

JunHyung: When I see YoSeop & GiKwang’s muscles I do think that it’s great. But it’s nothing more, nothing less. I just think that it’s cool.

DongWoon: When I was a student, it was a problem even when I had a girlfriend because I didn’t have money. Now I have money to spend on my girlfriend but I don’t have a girlfriend. This is the dilemma.

GiKwang: I want to experience a “hot Christmas” in a warm country like Thailand.

Q. The goal as a group?

DongWoon: A goal in Japan would definitely be a dome tour.

DuJun: We want to fill up the dome with many fans and create the best stage.

GiKwang: Japan, Korea or anywhere we want to experience many performances.

JunHyung: That’s right! That is the biggest goal for us.

HyunSeung: I want to enjoy it with the members together for a long time.

YoSeop: Our theme is to happily challenge ourselves in whichever work we do.

GiKwang: We will do our best so when everyone hears BEAST’s name, they’ll think “singers who are professionals with skills, seems to enjoy, and look great”.

DuJun: This is us but we ask for continuous support next year too!


Original Japanese magazine copy: a8sun

Translation from Japanese to Korean: 콩콩XD / @KongKongXD

Translation from Korean to English by “My DREAM Boys (dream1016.tistory.com)” or @dreamboys1016


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