[Interview] B2ST Members Talk About Romantic Scenes in Good Luck MV


With idol groups’ activities expanding to dramas, variety shows and musicals, B2ST has also been receiving a lot of love in different fields.

It was uncommon for any idols in the 1990’s to show affectionate scenes with their partners in projects, but there has been an increasing amount of instances where idols take on romantic scenes in projects.

B2ST’s music video for Good Luck caught attention by featuring Son Dong Woon’s sex scene. The fans showed different reactions upon seeing the sexy scene from the teaser videos.

In a recent interview with Newsen, Son Dong Woon said, “The fans were very hurt.”

He shared, “I’m older than when I debuted so I thought that the fans wouldn’t be hurt as much but they were hurt. The scene was originally more sexy but the CEO took some parts out. I’m glad he did that and I think should watch out from now on,” bringing out laughter.

Son Dong Woon emphasized, “It’s not like I filmed it because I wanted to. I thought it would be okay since I’m a 24 year old man now but the fans still think of me as the cute maknae.”

When asked, “Are you really a cute maknae?” Son Dong Woon said, “I’m really not but that’s how the fans think.” Then Yoon Du Jun said, “He is cute. We feel like he is a cute maknae.”

But Song Dong Woon claimed, “I’m a wild man. A wild 24 year old man,” making the other B2ST members burst out laughing.

Yoon Du Jun and Jang Hyun Seung showed kiss scenes in drama Let’s Eat and musical Bonnie and Clyde, respectively. Yoon Du Jun said, “The nuna fans liked it. But the younger fans were shocked. I know there are fans out there who are more shocked than we can imagine. But it’s unavoidable if we want to show you our projects” and Jang Hyun Seung also said, “But the nuna fans like it these days.”

Yang Yo Seop said, “Those reactions are interesting. Even when I was in musical Gwanghwamun Love Song, I started performing without knowing anything but as I started performing for musical Full House, I began to notice the fans in the audience. Some covered their mouths in shock and some even cried. There was a scene where I had to kiss the opposite actress on her forehead and some of the younger fans were hurt by that too.”

He added, “Sometimes I think to myself that I shouldn’t do those things. I think that’s why Dong Woon also thought he should cut some parts out from the music video. All six members try to take feedback from our fans seriously.”

Yoon Du Jun said, “But sometimes they (affectionate scenes) are necessary. We can’t do anything about it. If a musical needs it, then I think we should still do it,” and Jang Hyun Seung faintly added, “There’s always love no matter where you go.”

Photo credit: Cube Entertainment


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