BEAST To Host Solo Concert “BEAUTIFUL SHOW 2014”

The idol group BEAST will be performing in front of 20,000 fans at Ilsan on August 15 and 16 for their upcoming solo concert, “BEAUTIFUL SHOW 2014.”


The boys’ performance is highly anticipated by fans as BEAST has been sweeping the music charts as of late with the single for their new album, titled “Good Luck.”

The boy group received the #1 trophy on the SBS music program “Inkigayo,” which aired on June 29.

BEAST member Yoseob expressed his thanks to fans by stating, “We’re hosting a concert this summer! Join us and let’s play!”

The six-member boy group wowed fans and critics through their impressive performance during their previous solo concert “BEAUTIFUL SHOW 2013” last July, which also brought in 20,000 fans.

The K-pop band has been receiving an incredible amount of attention after “Good Luck” was released along with their recent full-length album “Hard to Love, How to Love.”

The popular single was written by members Junhyung and record composer Taejoo Kim.

Billboard recently published an article detailing the choreography of “Good Luck” as well as its musical success.

“The most striking part about ‘Good Luck’ is its production that pairs classical music elements like dramatic, orchestral strings and piano melodies with soaring synths and fizzy electronic pop,” wrote the music magazine.

The media outlet also took note of the impressive dance skills of each of the members, who really show fans that they have no limits when it comes to entertaining through the “Good Luck” music video.

“It may be the soccer-player socks half the members wear in the dance sequences, but Beast’s ‘Good Luck’ choreography feels like the most athletic and impressive showing yet from K-pop dance this year. The sextet jump, slide and twirl around the video sets to seamlessly pull of the high-cardio moves,” reported U.S. Billboard.

BEAST has continued to impress internationally, even making it onto Billboard’s list of Best K-pop Songs of 2012 and 2013.


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