Yoon Doo Joon Was Popular in School Due to His Singing Ability

June 5’s broadcast of MBC Every1’s Showtime will continue to feature the B2ST members spending 24 hours of free time all together.

BEAST had made its way to a university in Chungcheong province in the previous episode. In this week’s episode, the members will be meeting an old friend of Yoon Du Jun, upon hearing that he wants to spend time with a friend if he is given free time.

Meeting Yoon Du Jun’s friend, who has known the BEAST member since elementary school, the BEAST members began interrogating him about what Du Jun was like as a kid.

Yang Yo Seop especially demanded to hear stories regarding Yoon Du Jun as a schoolboy and Yoon Du Jun’s old friend blurted, “Du Jun was not very popular.”

Then he added, “But every time there was a school festival, he became popular due to his singing ability,” and Lee Gi Kwang suspiciously asked, “You mean he was popular even with the glasses?”

Yoon Du Jun then reminisced, “My popularity was beyond what you can imagine.”


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