Son Dong Woon Sacrifices Himself in Mission for BEAST Members on ′Showtime′

June 19’s broadcast of MBC Every1’s Showtime will feature BEAST’s comeback special episode.
During the episode, the members will also be given a mission to drink all the cola in a large bowl by playing a ‘loyalty game.’

The BEAST members had to decide on their order by doing ‘rock, paper, scissors,’ with the last person to drink it being responsible to drink all coke left in the bowl.

With all the members trying to avoid being the last one, Son Dong Woon said, “I will be the last one to drink it. Don’t worry,” as he volunteered himself.
Upon seeing Son Dong Woon participating in the game with such determination, the members all cheered for him by saying, ‘You can do it since your stomach is still young’ and ‘Show us your strength as the maknae of BEAST.’


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