BEAST would send Hyunseung and Dongwoon to ‘Laws of the Jungle’

B2ST-Hyunseung-Dongwoon_1403106803_af_orgThe June 18 installment of Naver Line’s ‘Starcast’ asked B2ST which members they wanted to send to SBS’ ‘Laws of the Jungle.’
Leader Doojoon said he would send Hyunseung, who responded, “I want to send Kikwang, who has more fears than I do. I think if I went, I would just act the way I normally do, so the show wouldn’t be fun.”

Kikwang said, “I think the members who would most suit ‘Laws of the Jungle’ and do well are Dongwoon or Hyunseung.” It appears that both members may look like pretty boys, but they have the tough stomachs for the harsh life in the jungle!


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