B2ST explain why they don’t watch each other’s dramas


B2ST made an appearance on SBS radio program ‘Cultwo Show’ and talked about the members’ acting careers.

Jung Chan Woo asked, “Do you guys point things out about one another’s acting?” Leader Doojoon, who most recently starred in ‘Let’s Eat,’ said, “We don’t watch one another. Since we know one another so well, it’s too funny that we can’t help but laugh (when watching). It drives us crazy whenever we do watch. We get absorbed in the atmosphere for musicals, so we get through those in a blink of an eye, but for dramas, it is foremost hard to get immersed in it.”

Yoseob said, “It was like that for your KBS 2TV drama, ‘Iris.’ It was a very cool drama, but whenever Doojoon came out, it was like [what he said].” Jung Chan Woo joked, “My mother can’t watch stuff I’m in, either.”

Kikwang, who was in mobile drama ‘Twenty Years Old,’ said, “I can’t watch very well, either. All our members are like that. When I went to watch the members’ musicals once, I thought that they did well, but when I watched the dramas Doojoon and Junhyung came out in, I just try to catch the very entertaining parts. I only watched the parts I could make fun of them for.”

Junhyung, who was in ‘Monstar,’ said, “I watched Kikwang’s acting very often. I think he really does very well,” surprising Kikwang.


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