B2ST Members Give Applause with Jang Hyunseung’s Maturity

During June 12’s broadcast of MBC Every1’s Showtime, Jang Hyun Seung revealed his mature side.
The show featured a special episode that day, inviting the B2ST members’ funny friends. The six B2ST members and six of their friends presented brought out laughter throughout the show. But when it came to the moment where the friends took turns to name ‘ten strengths’ of the B2ST members, Jang Hyun Seung’s friend Park Hyun Kyu named ‘maturity’ as the B2ST member’s number one strength.


Yong Jun Hyung asked, “When do you feel like he is mature?” and Park Hyun Kyu shared, “One time all my friends got together to eat and drink. Hyun Seung paid for the bill that day and I said to him, ‘Thank you. I owe you a lot.’”

Park Hyun Kyu continued, “Then Hyun Seung said, ‘I became successful before my friends did but there is no guarantee that this will continue forever. I will someday need your help too.’ I thought that he was really mature then.”

Upon hearing this, the B2ST members all applauded for Jang Hyun Seung’s mature thought, showing their full agreement.

Source: mwave


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