Yang Yoseob In Joseph Musical’s Interview

[ENG] Before the interview starts, an elementary school student appeared and asked for an autograph. She shouted “You’re so good looking!” which has lead to laughter on set. We asked his thoughts on being so popular among noona fans and elementary students, and Yoseob answered with a smile, “Just feels good”

25 years old… There must be lots of hardship growing up to this age. Although Yoseob’s voice was gentle, one can definitely feel his indistinct determination through each and every words. He who take on different roles as a member of 5 years old popular idol group BEAST and musical rookie, we are curious as to his second musical ‘Joseph Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ (Short as ‘Joseph Amazing’)


“You can’t miss out on Yoseob’s Joseph”

Q: ‘Joseph Amazing’ is your musical three years after ‘Gwanghwamun Sonata’. Have you adapt to the musical scene?

A: I’m adapted to some extent. Erm… The training method (for musicals) is different than practicing for idols stage, so it’s comparably hard as well. ‘Gwanghwamun Sonata’ was even difficult than now. I worried if I would ruin composer Lee YoungHoon’s production, since it was my first try at musical. Even if it’s just a supporting role, I was highly stressed.

Q: The most different part of practice method?

A: Practicing for idol performance is merely repeating the routine. We just sing a 3-minutes song and memorize the dances. But musicals needed about 2 to 3 hours. Honestly speaking, I often said the wrong words. (Laughs). And that’s one of my weakness that I frustrate about.

Q: The reason why you choose ‘Joseph Amazing’?

A: When I was younger, this musical was acted at Church Sunday. After becoming a singer, it’s hard to attend church, and on another note, if I were to talk about religious stories to fans or audience, then…. But, still, I often hope to perform such holy story.


Q: The story line of the music has quite a strong influence?

A: That, too. I’ve been told when I was young, that we have to express our faith to God. So I had such feeling to show it. Someone I know asked how I think about ‘Joseph Amazing’ and I said that I wanted to try it. I told the company that I wanted to perform in this musical. After that, they arranged and coordinated other schedule so that I can perform.

Q: We wonder how BEAST members’ responses?

A: Perform it… well, I don’t think there’s much responses. (Laughs)

Q: You and Hyunseung have similar experience, since he was in ‘Mozart’ before, do you two give each other advises?

A: Neither I or Hyunseung have the qualification to talk about musicals, so we don’t talk about it (Laughs). Well, you can say we are colleagues that can relate to each other (when we face difficulties in musicals).

Q: Do you have the greed to act?

A: There is, but since Kikwang and JunHyung are spectacular on TV, for that alone, I’m really satisfied. If I were to have the chance to show my acting skills, then it’s most probably on the musical stage.

Q: Joseph is a character in the bible. It might be hard acting this role!

A: I, on the other hand, find it easy. I understand Joseph’s character since young, and I share a few common characteristics with Joseph in the musical. I feel that I can portray Joseph who I have known for 25 years.

Q: This musical is different than ‘Gwanghwamun Sonata’. As the lead character, you have to lead the whole show. Do you have any other preparations in acting?

A: I tried thinking about Joseph. I read the bible again. Although we share a similar name, but I will discard Yoseob and live the correct way like Joseph. (What do you mean by living like Joseph?) A disciplined life.


Q: A disciplined life? (Laughs) Indeed, you are known as a thoughtful-dol for a reason.

A: It’s a little embarrassing when everyone calls me a thoughtful-dol. Actually, it’s more like something that you have to do. The word idol means someone teenagers admire. I believe that being able to be a role model to teenagers is part of an idol’s mission. I just hope that people who like me will have a slightly correct perspective. So, I didn’t think much when I uploaded (the Comfort Women bracelet picture). But being praised and written by news outlet, to be honest, I’m a little embarrassed. I didn’t want to show off or anything… Just, I had this thought.

Q: The news other than thoughtful-dol was your recent abs. You must have put in a lot of effort to maintain it right…

A: I don’t plan on maintaining now that our promotion has ended. Although it wasn’t use for promotion, but I feel that it’s not necessary to spend time maintaining them. Erm… You’ve seen the movie ‘Joseph’s Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ right? (Laughs) The original version. I’ve watched that performance too. Those actors just stripped. They said that it’s not suitable to wear that in the musical, so I’ve been preparing. (Laughs)

Q: You seemed to be anticipating it? (Laughs)

A: I’m feeling stressed more than the anticipation . Honestly, I never strip. (Laughs) I never strip on concerts or performance stage. And the other thing is, I worried if it will be too cold to perform in the winter.


Q: Your cute image has left quite an impression. Was it because of that, you worked out to breakthrough that image?

A: It’s not that. Working out makes my body healthier. Even during promotions, it helps my stamina. I’m in charge of the high notes. When I wake up early for a recording, if it was in the past, I won’t be able to trust my body condition. But after working out, my stamina became my strength. So, I’m able to handle our promotions this time round even if I had lesser sleep.

Q: Do you still practice on boxing?

A: I would go if I have the time. I want to participate in competitions. I hope to sow results when doing something. Although I started out due to interest, but it was so exciting. It has been my 7th month training for boxing. Coincidentally, I will be having schedules on the competition day. So this is my third time not being able to participate. I heard there’s a competition in November. But I might be busy with musicals then…

“Walking down the road with BEAST is my dream”

Q: The musical seems to be doing well in sales, do you take sales in mind?

A: Rather than worrying about it, I thought about this before. But those who couldn’t come cheered for me, and that made me happy.

Q: You seemed to care about fans?

A: I often go on fansites. Everyone was talking about the ticketing sales, so I was thinking if those sitting in the front seats are my fans. And, it will my first stripping my upper body, so I think many would come (Laugh). Fans spread the picture about my outfit, and said that they must watch it.

Q: Yang Yoseob’s live performance is really worth anticipating. We anticipate a different side of yours compared to concerts.

A: I may go off tone during concerts as I sing while dance, but musical is a totally different thing. It’s not my own stage, but along with many performers, so even if I made a slight mistake or forgotten about the lyrics, I might ruin the whole musical.

Q: Performers forgetting their lyrics is one of their usual mistakes.

A: Ah….Really?

Q: Yoseob, you are like a perfectionist.

A: Perhaps so.

Q: What is your recent frustration or hardship?

A: Stage performance. Not only I had to memorize lyrics, the flow had to be there and I have to bear in mind of every part. I’m still can’t perform with ease. It’s okay if I’m alone, but I’m not. So that’s even harder. I went to practice our first musical flow yesterday. We practiced continuously, but there was a slight mistake yesterday, and I had a mental breakdown. Lyrics that I’ve memorized were almost forgotten. But I’m familiar with it after a few practices. I will have to go for practice later.

Q: How was vocal practice? It’s a totally different production that ‘Gwanghwamun Sonata’ right?

A: I’ve received quite a lot of criticisms. It was a song that we don’t usually sing, so it’s hard to adapt. I took the manuscript and practice while watching Jung DongHa-senior’s movie for a few days. I thought that was the correct way of singing, so I practiced according to that. Later that I know, that was actually Jung DongHa-senior’s own style. Therefore, I changed the way I sing but there are still parts that are hard to do.

Q: What are the charms of doing a musical?

A: The part where I can sing and act and attempt other characters. Because on stage, I’m not BEAST’s Yang Yoseob but as JiYong (‘Gwanghwamun Sonata’ character) and Joseph. I discard every Yang Yoseob’s singing method and try to adapt to a musical way of singing, I feel a sense of success after performing. This is also what I felt after performing ‘Gwanghwamun Sonata’. I’m really anticipating on my growth after this musical.


Q: It’s BEAST’s 5th year since debut, please briefly reveal about your upcoming projects.

A: BEAST had tried what we want to try. We took first spot, won Daesang, did world tour… we have done everything. Now that we have achieved all of them… I hope that we can sing together for a very very long time. In the past, we hope to win number one, perform at these places, what are we going to do. But as we grow with time, the members now sing with a grateful heart. We talk about it among ourselves, that we want to be a long-lasting group.

Q: To be a long-lasting group, I think unity between members is more important than anything else. Between members who have strong personalities, is it always Yang Yoseob who becomes the center bridge?

A: It seems so. Sometimes we fight like siblings, and we often have arguments when working. I’m usually the center person. Erm… Someone who solves these problems. (It looks like they need you around) Yes, I have the most important existence (Laughs). Probably because I’m not a person who likes to be angry.

Q: Saying that you won’t be angry somehow envies lots of people (Laughs)

A: When members are not satisfied with the schedules, I, on the other hand find it okay. (What will you do if you’re angry) Erm… I don’t remember being angry before. I don’t really know how to be angry, why am I like this?

Q: Do you have a greed? (Laughs) Do you wish to try another character in musicals or other production?

A: I want to try ‘Mozart’. I was shocked to watch Hyunseung’s performance. Previously, Hyunseung would jokingly act in front of us, but it was so bad then, we worried if anything might happen, since he’s the main lead of such a large production. With a heart filled with worries, we went to watch his performance, but he did it very well. At that moment, I wasn’t watching Jang Hyunseung, but Mozart where Hyunseung was so immersed in. Hyunseung performed really well, and it makes you want to act that kind of charming character.

Q: You felt that there are similarities with the character?

A: I’m not a distant person nor a genius, but I think it’s a character I can understand.

Q: Plans after your musical?

A: By then, it would be 2014. I know I will be having a Japan tour. After that tour, we should be releasing BEAST’s 6th mini album. For now, I’ll put all my focus on musicals. In order not to disappoint fans who paid a lot to watch me perform, I will diligently work hard in my acting and vocal practice.

credits : playDB, Kor – Eng trans by loveindacube.wordpress.com


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