Yoon Doojoon Shares About His Drama Let’s Eat And BEAST’s Comeback In ‘InStyle’


Doojoon got into the denim trend with magazine ‘InStyle’ and through the interview, he also shared the thoughts he has running through his head these days.


After wrapping up his tvN drama ‘Let’s Eat’ with much success, Doojoon shared his thoughts on acting, “Acting is very hard. But I think it is a really charming field. I am grateful for the opportunities to act keeping that continue to roll in. I am working hard to learn as much as I can.”

On his real life personality, the idol-turned-actor mentioned, “I have a long way to go before becoming a macho man. Although I am cheerful and outgoing, I have a timid side. I am the type to analyze a person’s heart well.”


Yoon also commented about BEAST’s comeback, “In order to showcase our mature image and growth, we are trying to cut back on our individual activities and are preparing hard… Acting is a challenge to me and singing is like a dream fulfilled but I think maintaining this is important. I think that I should keep my promise to fans. In that way, I feel a great sense of responsibility as a member of B2ST.”



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