[FANACC] 130831 Some fanacc from BEAST Cheon An Fanmeeting

Fan to Dujun: Oppa you are handsome! But not as much as Yoseob oppa | Dujun: do you want to die??!?!!

Fan to Junhyung: I saw your aegyo! | Junhyung: I’m not going to do it anymore.

Fan: can you write p.s? | Junhyung: no | Fan: oppa please | Junhyung: no~ no no I cant no

Fan: Dongwoon oppa….wow…you are so handsome…just everything is handsome | Dongwoon: I hear it too much. any other compliment?

Fan: *had a bandage around her finger* I hurt my finger can you blow on it so it heals | Junhyung: me blowing on it won’t heal your finger~

During the fansign, a fan said “Oppa, I came together with my boyfriend today. My boyfriend is as much of a namshin as you are!” and Dongwoon asked “where is he?” She took out a mirror and said “here!” Dongwoon then laughed and said “He’s good looking!”

Fan: *gives Junhyung coca cola zero (the one with no calories)* | Junhyung: this doesn’t taste good though..

*They were 1 hour late because of traffic*
YS: sorry we are late! Did you wait for a long time? | Fan: YES!!!!!! | YS: w..why are you mad…?

Fan: someone I know has been your fan for 4 years and she will come see you | Gikwang: tell her that I’ll be waiting for her (sweet Kikwang!!)

Fan: Can you put this sunglasses on? | Yoseob: why does everyone want so many things from me~
Cr: beaststory_bot
Eng trans: @98_b2utyy


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