[NEWS] 130831 B2ST’s Junhyung reveals he doesn’t shy away when it comes to wooing women

On the August 30th broadcast of SBS Power FM’s ‘Jung Sun Hee’s A Night Like Tonight’, Kikwang showed his admiration for Junhyung’s ways with women, sharing, “I think he knows a lot about love. He’s been popular with girls since high school. I’m not that type. That is why I’m curious about what his secret is to being popular with girls… I think it’s a skill.” Doojoon agreed, saying, “Junhyung is really popular.”

Junhyung seemed a bit embarrassed, but humbly explained, “I’m not that popular… It’s just that if there is someone I like, I don’t subtly express my interest and shy away. I make it obvious up to the point that anyone can tell that I like her. When most people express their interest in someone, 8 out of 10 are subtle about it and play the game of push-and-pull. But for me, I make it obvious… I take care of her so well that you may wonder if it’s too much at times… However, there are consequences with that sometimes. The girl can feel burdened by it.”

Hearing this, Jung Sun Hee commented, “Because there aren’t a lot of people who are like this nowadays, it seems girls are attracted to someone who goes all-in and actively show their interest.”


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