130831 [From:Beast] [손동운 Son DongWoon] 안뇽 “Hello”


[TRANS] FROM:BEAST [DongWoon] “Hello”

ah~~~~~~~~~~~ it’s been a while^^
Our 2nd album promotion has already ended
as I just became a half-jobless person something feels empty
because there aren’t the voices I heard and faces I saw every day
Even though it was a short time, this means that we’ve made a lot of good memories right?

I really want to say something to our fans
We hope that your individual dreams come first than us
Of course you all are doing well right now but when you think back later
I hope that you and us would have lived a life without any regrets!
It’s good when you are the first for someone but,
I hope that I can be a person who will be able to give support and help when you are tired on your run toward your dreams.
Like I mentioned at the concert, I can’t let your dreams come true but,
I hope to be a helper to you when you are going after your dream.

Anyways, student B2UTYs have started school again and I don’t have many days till my classes start
B2UTYs who go to work would be working today too while geting stressed
but if today goes by then it’ll be the weekends so everybody fighting!!!
Bpasha (sound effect, like in giving strength)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goodbye
Oh!! And I miss you all~~~

[ may have some mistakes. translation credit to ‘My DREAM Boys (ag0shin.blogspot.com)’ ]


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