[TRANS] 130827 How To Love MV: Handwritten letters from BEAST


Doojoon: Hello! B2UTYs. It’s BEAST’s Doojoon.
5 weeks passed by really fast. It was a time with a lot of talk and a lot of trouble!!
Each day was a lot of fun and I was so happy because of everyone!
It felt unfamiliar singing in the broadcasting studio after a year, and there were so many new hoobae singers so it was even more unfamiliar.
In the ever-changing surroundings it was like we were the only ones who didn’t change so this promotion period felt great.

We will release albums more frequently and we will be with everyone for longer.
It was a short 5 weeks that made me realize many things.
Everyone! Even though you feel like it was too short trust us a bit more and wait for us!
I dare request so!ㅜ Most importantly be healthy and careful and I’m always sorry, thankful, and I love you

Hyunseung: Hello B2UTYs…!! It’s Hyunseung~
It was short but it was a time where I could feel how precious, and thankful everyone was, I won’t be able to forget it~ You take up another page in my head like this~.
2013 July and August. I hope everyone’s 2013 July and August was beautiful and happy. Like me!!^^
I will work hard so that I won’t fall short of everyone’s support and voice and love~!!
Thank you always~ And let us create good memories for the remaining September to December!~
I Love U~!! Wow~!!

Junhyung: Hello, it’s Junhyung.
The promotions for HLHL are finished.
I started off with a lot of pressure but
Because of the huge love from our B2UTYs
It was a promotion period that will remain a good memory.
I will repay with even better music that’s nice to listen to, and better performances.
I love you. Peace~!

Yoseob: Hello! I’m rumoured bad handwriting Yang Yoseob.
Ah.. I feel sorrowful and regretful and sad
writing this at the end of our promotions.
I wanted to promote moreㅜ_ㅜ
Thank you for waiting such a long time.!!
I feel very good because I feel like we received so much love during this short promotion period!! (You can still read up until here right..? keke Sorry that my handwriting is bad)
I feel..quite apologetic asking you to wait once moreㅜ_ㅜ
However I don’t think we’ll have such a serious hiatus again!
To fulfill that promise we would need to come out again soon with a new song!!♥
We will come back even better, practice more and we will grow!!
Thank you for creating such good memories for us during that short time!! I love you.
– BEAST’s rumoured bad handwriting Yang Yoseob –

Kikwang: Hello!! I’m Kikwang!!
It’s nice to see you^_^!! I can’t remember how long it’s been since I’ve written someone a handwritten letter~_~hehe
So I think this letter is that much more meaningful! ㅎ_ㅎ
Anyways! We received such huge love as much as you guys waited for this album so I think I was happy all throughout the promotion period!!
I really felt how much our B2UTYs waited for us!!
The words that there is no BEAST if there are no B2UTYs! I said it jokingly but they are words that contain my true feelings^_^!
These promotions were so much fun because we had B2UTYs and I think I was able to promote happily until the end !!_!!
We will prepare and come back even better as fast as we can so you don’t have to wait so long for our albums, so don’t cheat on us during that time and only look at us!! Thank you and I love you ^_^♥

Dongwoon: To. B2UTYs♥
Hello~ It’s me^^ We promoted a new album after 1 year..
It was a time where we worked hard preparing and we anticipated and we worried a lot.
And we were that much more happy and compared to that time there is a lot of regret left.
We will quickly prepare and come out so that we can see your faces more often, so don’t be too upset and look at us nicely 😀
Some people love us and some people don’t like us but we will work even harder so that they can love at least our music.
I think that the word ‘limit’ is created by yourself.
Everyone! Please watch over us who still have a long way to climb.
Walk with us.. thank you always♥
From. Youngest Son Dongwoon

credit: @B2STIZEN


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