[INTERVIEW] 130827 The Star Magazine Sept Issue “Upgrade, Yang Yoseob”

Q: Lately a lot of people appraise BEAST for not only your talents but your great appearances as well. I think Yoseob-goon plays a big part in this.
A: To be honest I wasn’t trying to lose weight. I started boxing as a hobby and great results followed with it. Thank you for looking at me nicely. Now I don’t want to go back to how I was before (laughs)

Q: Recently you showed ‘a man’s tears’ at ‘Beautiful Show’. Do you show your tears often?
A: I’m embarrassed. I usually cry when I want to cry. But I really don’t cry when I’m on stage. Because we need to sing the encore song. When you cry you can’t sing. I was really trying hard to hold in my tears but then Hyunseungie said ‘Why are you about to cry’ to the fans and started saying things that weren’t in the script. At that my tears exploded. In the end I couldn’t sing the next song properly. I was really embarrassed but a lot of articles came up about it.

Q: Who is the emotion king in BEAST?
A: Dongwoonie. Often when I see Dongwoon I feel this a lot. He’s very honest about what he feels, and he tries not to show it to the hyungs, but in the hyung perspective I see it. It’s not that his emotions are inconsistent, but he’s a friend who thinks a lot.

Q: You’ve said that your dream is to become a world star, is that still valid now?
A: Ah, that. I said that without any thought back then but I think I’m achieving it little by little so I feel happy. Interestingly whatever I say comes true. People always ask ‘What’s your next goal? What’s your next dream?’ At those times I answered ‘I want to win number 1 on public broadcast’ ‘I want to hold a concert’ ‘I want to do a world tour’ and they all came true. So I find it fascinating and I feel thankful, but I also think I should be careful of what I say.

Q: I guess you have to say something today as well.
A: My ultimate goal is to be a world star. I’m not a world star yet. There are still so many countries I need to go to and so many fans I have yet to meet. Perhaps it will come true as my years of experience increase.

Q: We can’t leave out the talk about relationships now can we? When you’re in a relationship do you spend more time together, or do you spend more time separately?
A: It’s been a while since I’ve been in a relationship so I don’t remember clearly but I think I was closer to a shadow-like figure. If you honour your individual privacy too much then you can feel that you guys are being neglectful of each other. I like the feeling of being beside them all the time.

Q: Then if you were to choose between love and friendship?
A: If I am in love I don’t know how that will change but since I don’t remember too clearly I choose friendship. Haha. My personality changed a lot since I met my BEAST friends. My emotions were very inconsistent. But when I was having a hard time the people who held me like it was something definite to do was the BEAST members. On the other hand you have to have a sense to notice things when you’re in love? You want to look good in front of the other person and hide your weaknesses. But with the members you don’t need to do that. I think friends are more comfortable and last longer.

Q: The last formal question, if you were to click ‘like’ for one member?
A; Junhyungie. It must have been very hard for him producing all the songs this time. He was probably worried that the other 5 members didn’t like the songs he produced as well. But he’s doing a really cool job so I wish he would have strength. I don’t want him to continue doing music while being stressed.

Q: Junhyung-goon talked about that but there is a member who acknowledges it. I guess this is what you call teamwork.
A: He did? Junhyungie has a habit. He sneakily puts on a song he wrote in the car. If a reaction comes he’ll continue. Junhyungie is subtly sensitive so he can’t take biting remarks and he can’t give criticism a lot while directing. He probably felt like he was floating in the open sea alone while preparing. Later if I get the chance I want to help Junhyungie more. This time I went to the studio and recorded a lot of guides but do you think that helped him. (laughs)

Credit: B2STIZEN.wordpress.com


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