[INTERVIEW] 130827 The Star Magazine Sept Issue “Strong without a sound, Yoon Doojoon”



Q: Will we be able to see the internet famous ‘legend picture’ pose today?

A: Ah, that. I took those pictures while I was filming a sitcom and, I would change my outfit several times a day so when I took the endorsement pictures my pose ended up being the same.

Q: Not because you were shy?

A: If I was shy I wouldn’t be able to pose like that. It’s not that I’m not shy at all, but when you get to know me better I talk more. Today’s concept was BEAST exuding comfortable emotions. BEAST who debuted 5 years ago really seems to look comfortable and steady on stage. That’s good. Of course I still feel nervous. As a singer, being on stage is number 1 so we pay the most attention to it.

Q: How does it feel to stand on stage as the complete BEAST?

A: It felt nice for all 6 of us to be monitoring. It felt new and strange too. It made me think of the past too. If I compare to our debut period we changed a lot but my mental attitude became the same as our earlier times so it felt nice. I want to promote like this for a very long time. You did individual activities but it was different from idols nowadays who release songs every 3~6 months. We wanted to come out earlier too but the time conditions didn’t work out. To be honest a one year hiatus is a really long time in the idol comeback period. We didn’t do it on purpose. Q: The name of the title track is ‘Shadow’. Are you the type to always be together like a shadow when in a relationship, or do you respect each other’s personal time?

A: I think I’m different depending on circumstance. Aren’t all men like that? Besides stalkers. Hmm, you seem closer to the latter option. (laughs )

Q: Then if you were to choose between love and friendship?

A: I think I’m a person closer to friendship. Of course there are couples that love for a long time and it’s good to love one person for a long time. However I think that there is an expiration period for the emotion of love. Emotions can always change. Love can also change into affection. How many people on earth can actually love like fire? So I’ll choose friendship that has a higher rate of not changing. Then how long is the expiration period for love? I’m not sure. It depends on the person right? I think it’ll be different depending on the partner. It could be forever. Of course if it was forever there would be nothing better than that.

Q: You have now entered your mid-20s, is there anything you want to do before your 20s pass?

A: Before my 20s pass, I want to work harder doing what I’m doing now. Ah, I didn’t know time passed by so quickly. I’m still young but when I go to the broadcasting station it doesn’t seem so. There are so many young friends. I’m the same but time keeps passing by.

Q: I saw the text you sent to your members recently and I was impressed. ‘When riding a palanquin don’t think about the height of the palanquin but think about the shoulders of the people carrying the palanquin first’ was it? Your heart is definitely leader-like.

A: My mother wrote it for me in her letter to me and it was nice so I sent it to the members. After that my members always tease me. Saying “Are you treating the staff like palanquin carriers” (laughs) Our members are 100 point friends.They are all doing well.

Q: Aren’t you being too generous? In what aspects?

A: Firstly when you release an album there are many things that you feel regretful about. You can be discontent with it but our members do everything well on their own. Whether it is performances, fan service, and such they do things well on their own within their abilities. I’m just being carried by them. Last question.

Q: If you could click ‘like’ for one member on your SNS and support them who would you choose, and why?

A: Maknae Dongwoonie. He’s so kind. If Dongwoonie wasn’t there we would have fought a lot amongst ourselves. Guys always bicker. But Dongwoonie brightens the atmosphere as the maknae. He’s an optimistic friend. Even now he is doing something called the 6 week miracle and it’s funny. Ask him about it.



Credit: B2STIZEN.wordpress.com


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