[INTERVIEW] 130827 The Star Magazine Sept Issue “Red Sun, Lee Kikwang”

546192_427260360680380_326962575_nQ: This is the second time I’m seeing Kikwang-goon. I went to the film set of ‘Hot Brothers’ for an interview.
A: Ah, that was during my debut days. I was a baby that didn’t know anything. It was when I was bright. Now time has passed, and I grew in height a bit? (laughs) Time has passed like this. Did I change a bit?


Q: The PD praised Kikwang-goon then. You work hard, and you were never discouraged and did well. Do you prefer hearing that you work hard or do you prefer hearing that you are good?
A: It would be nice to hear both but I think it’ll be hard to get both. I think working hard will help me more later on. A person who is good can become arrogant and not put in any effort, but people who work hard will always work hard so I think the latter is a better person.

Q: You win number 1 on music shows a lot lately right? Congratulations. I think you’re at the rank where it’s upsetting if you don’t win number 1.
A: Forever number 1, where does that exist in this world? If there are winners there are also losers. As the years pass people around me say ‘Just because you’re doing well don’t think that you’ll continue to do well, this could be BEAST’s peak’ they advise me. I’m going to engage in this humbly.

Q: Then where will BEAST’s peak be?
A: I still think that BEAST has many more steps to climb. We can go higher.

Q: It’s good to see your desire for success. That personality and your style right now goes well together. Especially your red hair colour, red being the symbol for fervor and passion.
A: I prefer moving around instead of being still and being trapped in a corner. I think I have an outgoing and bright personality.

Q: How are you when you are in a relationship? Are you the type to always move with your girlfriend, or are you the type to respect each other’s time?
A: I think I’m half and half. My girlfriend will have her own thoughts and I have my own thoughts. I don’t think that we’ll always be looking in the same place. Being in a real relationship is seeing each other while tuning to one another isn’t it. If you lean to one side too much then you could get tired of the person and break up. Everything is good in moderation.

Q: I heard that your final goal is to be someone like Ronaldo?
A: I really like soccer. I like sports a lot so if I wasn’t a singer I probably would have become a sports player. Ronaldo and Messi are all-round players. You could say that you’re sick of this answer but, I want to become someone who is good at everything. Idols lately go into acting, do musicals, go on variety shows, and stand on various stages. I want to be a person who is good at everything.

Q: Then what aspects should you strengthen?
A: I have to strengthen everything. Singing and dancing, my face, acting, variety, etc. I started learning how to compose songs. I think I may be able to let the fans hear something soon.

Q: It has been 5 years since you debuted. Like the photo shoot concept it is a period where you feel comfortable and leisurely and at the same time this leisure time can be applied as poison. Commonly it is known as the idol group’s 5 year jinx. Kikwang-goon what side are you on?
A: It is that period of time. In my opinion as long as it’s not too much, the leisure is much needed. People need both breaks and work. If you had time to rest and found security in your heart and then you go on stage I think the efficiency increases.

Q: There is no break time now so what do you do?
A: Right now is a time where I have to keep running. When I don’t have activities I went to get vocal lessons, I studied composing, and I exercised. To me that is my break.

Q: If you could click ‘like’ for one member.
A: Doojoonie. I don’t know what’s on his heart. He’s not the type to have leadership, but he really seems like a leader. He knows how to reason with people. He really is a good kid.

Q: Is there anything else you want to say?
A: I like it right now. Everything in moderation.

Credit: B2STIZEN.wordpress.com


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