[INTERVIEW] 130827 The Star Magazine Sept Issue “Music Monstar, Yong Junhyung”

182980_542472449125528_1904715090_nQ: Today the last episode of ‘Monstar’ is airing but you can’t watch it so what will you do?
A: I’ll just watch it on my own time later. Haha

Q: It’s your first drama but it is daebak. I also watched the hot issue kiss scene well.
A: Ah, the kiss scene…I end up doing one in my first drama. (laughs) I discussed with the director a lot prior to the scene so we finished it well without any episodes. Of course there were NGs. As our faces got closer cold sweat starting coming down my face.

Q: In the viewer’s perspective the fresh love line with Min Say was fun. How are you like in a real relationship?
A: I think I’m the type to stay with the person as much as I can but I don’t put everything aside for it. So I think I become more diligent when I’m in a relationship. When I have something to do I do it beforehand.

Q: I guess you’re good at balancing work and love.
A: I try to balance it well but because I’m human I do lean to one side at times. Truthfully if you can balance them perfectly then wouldn’t that be a lie/fake?

Q: Then again there is no human touch then. It’s better when you fall in love deeply.
A: That’s true, that’s true. Haha.

Q: These past few months, filming, working on the album, promoting, you must have had no time to enjoy yourself?
A: Yes. The past 3 months I had the tightest schedule since our debut period. After filming I’d go to my studio to work on the album and then I’d go home and clean up to go film again. Repeating the lifestyle of sleeping in the car shortly was really hard on my body. The last month was particularly crucial. I was worried I might not do well in both things but after doing it I’m glad I did.

Q: Amidst being busy you worked on all the tracks in this album. Was there a time where you felt the pain of creation?
A: Why wouldn’t there be. There was a time where I couldn’t write even one song for a month. At those times I play. I don’t know if my method of searching is the right method but I go out with people I’m close with and have a drink and at one moment I let go of myself and just play. And then the next day I go home and rest well and the next day when I’ve recovered and I go to the studio ideas start coming into my head. It’s fascinating. People can’t only always try to fill things up.

Q: What kind of preparations are you doing for the Busan concert in September?
A: It means so much to use first of all to be holding a concert in Busan. It’s not easy for our fans living in the rural areas to come up to Seoul all the time. We are going to go there ourselves this time and put on an awesome show and have a lot of conversation with our fans in Busan. And Busan people are very passionate. I look forward to it.

Q: If you could click ‘like’ for one of the members who would you choose and why?
A: Doojoonie. He always says ‘I don’t do much as the leader’ but, I can see that that’s not the case from the side. Even if something troubling happens, because Doojoon’s personality is cheerful he doesn’t show it and forgets it quickly. When I see him like this I want to give him strength but I don’t know how to.

Q: Ay, you just need to do what you’re doing now. The trend in BEAST right now is Junhyung-goon.
A: If you think of it like that then I am grateful. Truthfully the word trend does not reach me personally. Even if I am the trend I have no way of feeling it just yet. After I finished the drama I have not rested even for a week. I think I’ll be able to enjoy a trip for a week when October comes.

Q: That is proof that you are the trend.
A: I’ll only be able to go somewhere if the album does well otherwise I wouldn’t be able to go out of guilt. (laughs) After I finished producing this album I’ve been having nightmares every night. ‘It failed because you did it’ I’m scared I’ll hear something like this. More so than words like ‘You’re not very good’ I’m most scared of words like ‘It failed because of you’. If I hear something like this I’ll lose my driving force to write songs. Thankfully people are receiving it well so with this force I’m saving up songs for the next album.

Credit: B2STIZEN.wordpress.com


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