[INTERVIEW] 130827 The Star Magazine Sept Issue “Infinite optimism, Son Dongwoon”


Q: How does it feel to be promoting as a complete team after a long time?
A: I can’t stop smiling. Even though we’re tired everyone is so full of spirit like our debut days so it’s a lot of fun. On the one hand I feel apologetic seeing the fans enjoying our performances after one year.

Q: I found the reason why you’re so optimistic. We received a tip, I heard you’re doing the 6 week miracle project?
A: I’m spreading my positivity to one member each week. We’re promoting while getting only 1~2 hours of sleep so you can imagine how tired we are. If even just one person spreads the positivity I thought that eventually the members and the staff will become happy. If you think positively your face colour changes first. With the power of optimism I hope everyone becomes happy after 6 weeks.

Q: At the showcase the members chose Dongwoon-goon as the most improved member. In your opinion in what aspects did you earn big points?
A: I think the biggest opportunity I got to grow was doing a musical. While doing the musical I found my own path in singing. There is no better practice than the real thing. Before my condition used to be very inconsistent when I sang but nowadays I’m shrinking the gap between when I sing very well and when I sing very poorly. I’m not bragging but I’m just saying I’ve mastered my own way.(laughs)

Q: You did on stage but did you find security and leisure in you living?
A: There is no leisure but I’m trying to find it. Anyway even if I’m impatient, it doesn’t mean that all the problems in the world will be resolved faster. Whether I’m impatient or leisurely so, world goes around all the same. When I see it like this I think I’ll end up feeling resentment on the world. I try to live well within the 24 hours given in a day.

Q: Then when you do have leisure time what do you do?
A: When I have leisure time I practice piano. Whether it’s pop or gayo I just choose a score I like and practice when I have time.

Q: You have a lot of talent. The namshin noodles you showed on ‘Happy Together’ was creative. Do you like shocking adventures regularly?
A: Not shocking per se, but I don’t like playing it safe either. To be honest if there is someone working in the entertainment industry and likes to play things safe, I don’t think they’ll be able to last. I don’t think of myself this way but when I’m with my normal friends they say I’m unusual.

Q: I guess you heard that a lot when you returned to school. It must be hard to attend school this semester since you’re promoting.
A: It is a concern. I have a lot of overseas activities. It will work out somehow. With the power of optimism.

Q: Ah, the humiliation story about how fans only lined up to get a signature from your schoolmate Lee Jongsuk was funny.
A: Huh, but that’s a sad story.

Q: Haha. Before on a show program you said that you had the most celebrity(?) like face and I thought you had a lot of talent but seeing you in person you really are witty. But do you really think you are a ‘namshin’?
A: Yes. How does it feel seeing all 6 of us in person? I’m right aren’t I? Haha.

Q: I wish there were more opportunities to show off this talent of yours.
A: I wish there were more opportunities as well. If there aren’t then I’ll have to save all of them and show them off all at once. I’m not impatient. Because I’m 2 years younger than my hyungs I have that much more time. When I’m in my 30s, 40s my individual activities will be more important but right now if I were to choose between individual activities and group activities I want to choose whatever can strengthen all of us. Of course that doesn’t mean I’m not selfish. (laughs)

Q: Now, concluding question. If you were to click ‘like’ for one member?
A: Doojoon hyung. He lowers himself the most and respects the other. When he gives me advice he does so in a way that I can understand and accept it, and he takes on all the difficult tasks. When everyone is exhausted he doesn’t show that he is exhausted and does his work until the end. In this aspect I think he does his job as the leader 100, 1000 times better
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