[INTERVIEW] 130827 The Star Magazine Sept Issue “Between chic and cold, Jang Hyunseung”

Q: I heard you read magazines often?
A: Yes. But I can’t read them nowadays because we’re promoting. I read them to look at the styles instead of reading the articles.

Q: What do you think of the style you’re wearing today?
A: Isn’t it a style that girls like? Clean-cut university student feel? There are a lot of people who like this style. I’m into leather these days. If you look at the collections, leather jackets, leather pants, leather hats and such, there are a lot of items coming out that have leather.

Q: Recently you put the confetti tapes on your face to make them look like tears for your 1st place ceremony, it was unexpected.
A: You thought I was just chic. I’m not the type to be out there but on that day I was. The members do everything anyways so I just stay quiet.

Q: If you stay quiet without a word don’t you get misunderstood a lot? Going between chic and cold shall I say?
A: Ah~ yes. People ask if I’m in a bad mood a lot. But after I debuted I didn’t hear that a lot. Maybe they’re not asking me because there is no point in asking. (laughs)

Q: You’re very honest. How does it feel to be promoting as the whole team? It must feel different from promoting as ‘Trouble Maker’.
A: It is different. Individual activities and group activities are both fun in their own ways. I think the individual activities between the members are important also. When the six of us in BEAST have to come together we clearly show the group charms, and after that we show our individual charms and that is how we can be more well-known to the public. I wish each member can shine brightly in their own direction. And when we group together an even more incredible image will be created.

Q: It could have been more secured with your individual activities or maybe it’s just Hyunseung-goon’s charm, but I think Hyunseung-goon’s defining charm is ‘sexy’. What do you think?
A: I think it’s good. I think that you need to have something that defines you while you’re on stage, whether it is sexiness or charisma. To be honest you can’t find sexiness in my past image. But if you keep trying sexy you improve. (laughs)

Q: I think the blonde hair is especially doing it’s part. The reaction is good.
A: I liked the red tone as well. I prefer eye-catching colours rather than mild ones.

Q: Psychologically people who like fancy things have a desire(?) to express themselves on the inside.
A: I simply think because I’m a star that stands in front of the public. A star can’t be plain

Q: Ah, I see. I’ll stop pretending to be a psychologist and shall we talk about what fans are most curious about such as relationships?
A: Haha. You can dig even deeper about me.

Q: Like the title track are you the type to become a shadow for the person?
A: There are different meanings when you say you’ll become someone’s shadow. Well I’ve never been treated as what people commonly call a shadow. I liked the person as much as that person liked me.

Q: Then I guess there wasn’t much to fight about.
A: I think like that. First of all if you want to go for a long time you need to be blessed by those around you. If you don’t take care of people around you because of love then I don’t think that love will go smoothly. Wouldn’t that be better for the person you love?

Q: he Busan concert in September is coming up, how do you feel?
A: I’m going to do just as much as I did for the Seoul concert. Because I always do my best. We are doing things here and there to prepare.

Q: If you can click ‘like’ for one member who would you choose and why?
A: Yoseobie. I think Yoseobie worked hard to surpass his limit. Truthfully he was just cute until now. Haha. If he was always the same it wouldn’t be so good but as a peer it’s nice to see him trying to advance. I want to acknowledge him.

Credit: B2STIZEN.wordpress.com


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